• ADVAN Membership and Value committee Strategy Session
    Discussions were centered on innovative ways of creating value programs for members,
    as well improving systems in order to provide quick and effective support to members
    request and challenges.

Webinar: Future of Programmatic Media

As a ADVAN Member you get exclusive access to a range of professional services and benefits. Your membership provides you with the opportunity to shape the industry through participation on the ADVAN Board, industry committees and forums.

Why Join ADVAN

ADVAN is the umbrella body for the Nigerians advertisers. It provides an organised forum for advertisers to express their views and influence developmental changes in Nigerian marketing communications scene.

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Report: Marketing Procurement Maturity Assessment 2017

The Marketing Sourcing Maturity project to help procurement understand how well they work with marketing, manage agency relationships, and have aligned KPIs and goals.

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