ADVAN the acronym for Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria is the umbrella association for all advertisers (Corporate organisations that engage in major advertising)in Nigeria.

It was established in 1992 as National Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria and in 1994 was renamed Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria (ADVAN).

ADVAN provide an organised forum for advertisers to express their views and influence developmental changes in Nigerian marketing communications scene.

The Nigerian Advertisers

Till the establishment of ADVAN in 1992, Nigerian Advertisers had negligible input with regards to issues affecting the marketing industry. Decisions on rate increase and other crucial concerns were concluded without thought to the interest of the advertiser who actually ‘pays the piper’. Whereas the interests of the other sectors in the industry’s value chain were well represented by their respective associations.

ADVAN Objective

  • Drive Visionary and Thought Leadership within the Marketing Communication Industry
  • Provide Forum For Advertisers To Discuss Issues of Common Interest and Influence Developmental Changes Within the Industry
  • Initiate And Encourage The Compilation Of Reliable Statistics To Aid Effective Marketing Planning and Value Realization
  • Create Value Based Relationships With Government, Relevant Associations, and Stakeholders