Advertisers Association of Nigeria

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[luv_image_box style=”bottom-title” color_scheme=”default” image=”4154″ title=”Why Join ADVAN” href=”” min_height=”300″]As a ADVAN Member you get exclusive access to a range of professional services and benefits. Your membership provides you with the opportunity to shape the industry through participation on the ADVAN Board, industry committees and forums. [/luv_image_box]
[luv_image_box style=”bottom-title” color_scheme=”default” image=”4504″ title=”Who We Are” href=”” min_height=”300″]ADVAN is the umbrella body for the Nigerians advertisers. It provides an organised forum for advertisers to express their views and influence developmental changes in Nigerian marketing communications scene.

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WFA Global Media Charter to reform digital ad ecosystem

WFA media charterThe World Federation of Advertisers has published a Global Media Charter, designed to create the conditions for a marketing ecosystem that works better for brands and consumers.

Video: The Big Debate: Global Creative = Local Disaster?

Global Vs Local CreativeWe’ve all experienced it: globally-produced creative that stinks in our local market. Can global marketing frameworks deliver the creativity needed to connect with local audiences?

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