Setting the right rules

Regulation of marketing determines how, when and where marketers can reach their consumers. Restrictions on marketing are often considered in response to complex societal problems, such as obesity, the commercialisation of childhood, alcohol misuse, sexual stereotyping and climate change. ADVAN advocates proportionate and evidence-based policy making which recognises the importance of advertising for the economy and society.


Responding to trends

Policy debates and societal expectations about advertising continuously evolve. It is critical for responsible marketers to understand and respond to these trends. ADVAN provides tailored advice to help members manage their strategic response to policy and marketing challenges and ensure their practices reflect societal expectations.


Implementing and strengthening effective self-regulation

ADVAN is the standard bearer for effective advertising self-regulation in Nigeria, developing standards for it members which respond to societal concerns and putting in place effective marketing enforcement processes.


Promoting industry leadership beyond compliance

ADVAN helps members identify and showcase leadership opportunities within the marketing communications industry.