ADVAN to host 18th Annual General meeting/Members Roundtable

Date: 13th November 2019

Venue: Westwood Hotel 22 Ikoyi Rd Lagos

Time: 9am

Theme for Round table: Navigating the Nigerian Marketing Communications Regulatory Landscape”


The ADVAN Awards is organized by the Advertisers Association of Nigeria.

The ADVAN Awards has evolved over the years in response to new developments in marketing theory and practice, to reflect the growing appreciation of the critical role of marketing as the vital source of value creation for business.

The Event, which is the most prestigious and respected awards in the Nigerian marketing community, provides the opportunity for organizations to gain competitive advantage by having their projects, initiatives, contributions, products and services recognized. The Awards’ offer the ultimate platform for improving brand awareness and loyalty, by increasing the respective recipients’ prestige. The ADVAN Awards winners are acknowledged as industry leaders and named the elite in their industry.

The ADVAN Awards is endorsed and supported by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) an organization of national associations and global brands in over 65 countries of the world.    

Theme of the dayBusiness Value of Creativity

Speakers: Will include both local and international professionals sharing insights on the theme of the day


[ucaddon_background_image_team_members bkg_img=”10375″ image=”10381″ heading=”CHRIS VAN ROEY” designation=”WFA/Belgian Association of Advertisers” uc_items_data=”JTVCJTVE”][/ucaddon_background_image_team_members]
[ucaddon_background_image_team_members bkg_img=”10375″ image=”10382″ heading=”MR BENSON EVBUOMWA” designation=”(ADVAN)” uc_items_data=”JTVCJTVE”][/ucaddon_background_image_team_members]
[ucaddon_background_image_team_members bkg_img=”10375″ image=”10383″ heading=”DR MICHAEL OKOLO” designation=”Pan Atlantic University” uc_items_data=”JTVCJTVE”][/ucaddon_background_image_team_members]
[ucaddon_background_image_team_members bkg_img=”10375″ image=”10384″ heading=”ABIGAIL OGWEZZY-NDISIKA” designation=”PhD, MNIPR, arpa Professor and Chevening Scholar Department of Mass Communication University of Lagos” uc_items_data=”JTVCJTVE”][/ucaddon_background_image_team_members]
[ucaddon_background_image_team_members bkg_img=”10375″ image=”10386″ heading=”MRS. TOLULOPE MEDEMBE” designation=”CEO of Aster Integrated Marketing Limited, (EXMAN)” uc_items_data=”JTVCJTVE”][/ucaddon_background_image_team_members]
[ucaddon_background_image_team_members bkg_img=”10375″ image=”10387″ heading=”MRS BRENDA NWAGU MD of QVT Media, (MIPAN)” designation=”Pan Atlantic University” uc_items_data=”JTVCJTVE”][/ucaddon_background_image_team_members]
[ucaddon_background_image_team_members bkg_img=”10375″ image=”10388″ heading=”MR FEMI OYEWOLE” designation=”Vice-President II – National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN)” uc_init_settings=”” uc_items_data=”JTVCJTVE”][/ucaddon_background_image_team_members]