About ADVAN Center for Marketing Excellence

Our Mission

In the ever-changing world of marketing, where Marketers constantly find themselves being challenged by new trends and ever-altering technology. It is of utmost importance that Marketing Professionals are equipped with the best information to help navigate this new and complex environment of marketing. The ADVAN Center for Marketing Excellence, in partnership with some of the best international and local business and marketing institutions will provide practical, made to measure training modules to deliver skills for immediate use to the nation’s marketing professionals.


As a major stakeholder in the Nation’s Marketing value chain, it became imperative for us as advertisers to lead its development through the creation of value based initiatives. We are the group that essentially funds the industry, this is why we must be dogged in equipping ourselves with the prerequisite knowledge needed to maintain the position of a thought leader.


The ADVAN Center for Marketing Excellence will equip members with the precise skills needed to prepare for marketing’s future, increase the knowledge of their teams, and enhance their brands.

Our programs which will include online, as well as on-site training, will essentially:

  • Provide Post Graduate Marketing Certification Programs for Executives
  • Work with your organization to identify  team’s skill gaps and  help build  a customized marketing training program.
  • Create a data base of  qualified Marketing Professionals
  • Equip you and your team with the right  tools for effective Brand Building
  • Support you in your personal developmental goals
Marketing Academy