For the first time the consumers of brands and services in  Nigeria will decide who their most treasured brand is. The  ADVAN Consumer Choice Award will see loyal consumers voting for their most loved brand, The aim of the award is to crown brands’ effort by providing a platform where they can obtain a better knowledge of how and why they have earned the trust and devotion of their consumers.

Ultimately ADVAN aims to allow the award recipients to reinforce their recognition in the marketplace while putting the numerous loyal consumers that have supported brands over the years in the spotlight.

Speaking on the objective of the award Mrs. Ediri Ose-Ediale the Executive Secretary of ADVAN said that the award was created out of a need for the awards competition to address current realities, the reality that the consumer’s voice must be taken into account in any event  that sets out to reward brand excellence, ‘Consumer appreciation  is  the most precise mechanism to evaluate brand performance, and this is why the Consumer Choice Award was created” Ediri said

She explained that the logistics for this award category will be handled by a reputable independent audit firm to ensure that the process is transparent.

 The ADVAN Awards for Marketing Excellence West Africa has evolved over the years in response to new developments in marketing theory and practice, to reflect the growing appreciation of the critical role of marketing as the vital source of value creation for a business. 

The event is scheduled for the 17th of November at the Muson Center Onikan Lagos