Marketing Communication and Selling Skills

Selling is an exchange of a product or service for value. Selling is the final aim of all marketing and promotional efforts, without which these efforts are in themselves futile. Selling is a skill that can be taught and learnt. The School of Media and Communication (SMC), Pan-Atlantic University, is pleased to present a workshop on marketing and selling aimed at helping participants develop key skills in marketing and selling.

The workshop will provide answers to the following questions:

  • Where do Sales and marketing strategies meet or diverge?
  • Are there distinctive requisites that define the marketing and selling?
  • What are the marketing and selling strategies and skills that will succeed in a depressing economy such as ours?
  • What distinguish the Big Sell from the Small (but Continuous) Sell?
  • Are there attributes and skills peculiar to Salespersons in one industry from the others in a stringent market like Nigeria’s?
  • Can Personal selling skills succeed in a mass-customer field as it does in specialized fields?
  • Are there psychological forces at play in Selling?
  • What are special attributes needed to be successful in selling products with great variety in model and price?
  • What is Digital Selling?
  • How effective can it be in a multi-social-tier market like Nigeria’s?

Please join us in a 4-day workshop as we seek answers to above questions which will help build new marketing and selling skills for you and your organization.

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Course Content

  • Understanding Sales, Selling and Salesmanship
  • Marketing versus Selling
  • Making the Winning Sales Pitch
  • Writing Skills for Salespersons
  • Presentation Skills in Selling
  • Clinching the Big Sell from a Sea of Competitors
  • The Psychology of Personal Selling
  • Personal Selling in a Mass-Customer Market
  • Managing the Selling Mechanism
  • Developing Business Intelligence and Research in Selling
  • Sales Team Leadership
  • Cutting Down on Competition through Innovative Selling Tactics
  • Creativity and Innovation in Selling
  • Defining Sales Territories
  • Selling to Kill: Handling Competing Brands and Undecided Buyers
  • Negotiation Skills for Salespersons
  • Managing the Sales Force [Case for analysis]
  • Remuneration and Incentives Systems [Case for analysis]
  • Dissecting Peculiarities of the Nigerian Market [Exercise]
  • Selling to the Cash-Strapped [Exercise]

Duration & Date

Duration: 4 days