SEMP Business Management

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The encapsulate Senior Executive Programme in Business Management is a non-credit bearing course designed for high-performance managers, mid-level managers and directors who want to link the business management with the strategic objectives of the organisation in order to improve performance. The programme is also useful for managers and directors who want the organisation policies and procedures to fit into the organisation’s broader strategic plan. After taking the online program, you will be equipped with the right tools to handle business roles irrespective of the line of job you are in. The online SEMP Business Management is the basic qualification that ensures a better manager in you.

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The ultimate aim of the SEMP Business Management program is to prepare participants to work in a management position in an ever-changing international environment where advanced technology and multicultural situations occupy an increasingly important place in the daily lives of companies. It exposes you to key issues in business management, provides insight into relevant social, political, legal, and macroeconomic conditions affecting business. The online programme is suited to a wide range of interests but is particularly relevant to those who plan to have a career in organisations that conduct business beyond a single domestic economy.

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Succeeding in today’s economy requires the ability to communicate and collaborate across the globe with a diversified workforce. The business world is constantly fluctuating, and successful business people must be adaptive to change and capable of working with diverse populations. The function of business is to create fiscal integrity and stability, prosperity, employment, and beneficial products and services. The online SEMP Business Management programme will help you understand big and small businesses, entrepreneurship, along with the important relationship between businesses and the communities they serve.

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Students who successfully complete this online programme will receive a SEMP Certificate in Business Management from the Metropolitan School of Business and Management UK.

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  • Introduction to Strategic Management
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Strategic Management and Industry Analysis
  • Strategic Management and Analysis of Strategic Capability
  • Strategic Management and Strategic Direction and Competitive Strategies
  • Strategic Management and Leadership Management
  • Motivation
  • Teams
  • Introduction to Marketing Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Global Marketing
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Duration: Online