SEMP Strategic Business Management

Gaining deep insight into successful business strategies is a must for business professionals and managers alike. That is because no matter where you are in your career, it is critical to understand the market your business is in and the effect your leadership and decision making can have on the success of your company. The encapsulate Senior Executive Programme in Strategic Business Management a non-credit bearing course, is designed specially to give you knowledge on how to maintain your company’s value proposition, increase market share and remain competitive.

Is the SEMP Strategic Business Management the right programme for me?

In this online course, you will

  • Gain new perspectives for building market resilience and dominance for your organisation.
  • Understand the difference between corporate and business strategy and what it takes for a corporate headquarters to add value and increase business unit success.
  • Study best practices in key areas of corporate strategy, including diversification, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, corporate governance and strategic leadership.

Why SEMP Strategic Business Management?

Strategic management is important because it helps in setting detailed goals, analysing all internal and external resources, analysing the external environment, as well as stakeholder s’ views. A good corporate governance needs an efficient strategic management process.

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Students who successfully complete this online programme will receive a SEMP Certificate in Strategic Business Management from the Metropolitan School of Business and Management UK.


  • What is Strategy?
  • Understanding Strategic Management
  • Understanding the Competitive Environment
  • Analysing the Competitive Environment
  • Stakeholder Analysis, Organisational Purpose and Organisational Vision
  • Understanding Core Competence
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Strategic Choice
  • Strategy FormulationStrategy Implementation

    Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Duration & Date

Duration: Online