Brands put money where it’s needed most

Many have cut their advertising investment. Coca-Cola Philippines however decided to re-invest their p150m spend (~$2.9million) into a Covid-19 relief: “provision of protective equipment and beverages for health workers, delivery of food packs to the most vulnerable families, and support for affected small retailers.”

And others followed suit. Also in the Philippines, Ligo Sardines announced that it would  be re-allocating its entire 2020 advertising budget to non-governmental organizations, charities, and independent groups that are on the frontline in the battle against COVID-19.

More recently, AB InBev announced it will redirect $5 million that it normally spends on sports and entertainment marketing to the American Red Cross to support the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Market(s): Philippines, USA

Brands: The Coca-Cola Company, Ligo Sardines, AB InBev

Source: The Coca-Cola (Ligo Sardines), AdAge (AbInBev)