Folake Ani-Mumuney, the President ADVAN speaking at the recently concluded ADVAN Chief Marketing and communications officer (CMCO) forum talked about the need for the CMCO forum.

According to Folake

“the CMCO forum was birthed out of a need to provide our nation’s business leaders with a platform to better navigate the fast-changing marketing communications landscape, as well as provide insights on the adjustments that these leaders need to make in order to effectively deliver profitable business growth”.

Today’s Skill for Business Growth

Addressing participants at the forum, Folake mentioned that

a key skill required by today’s corporate leaders is the ability to navigate through the capricious times we find ourselves, because as the saying goes “You can’t always prevent disasters, but you can certainly control how you plan for and respond to them.”

Speaking further, she highlighted some of the challenges Nigerian business leaders faces which include

  • Uncertainty: Uncertainty about the direction of the economy, credit markets, unfair competition etc.
  • Ever-changing Government Policy and regulations- Businesses are put in precarious positions when they are clueless and have no input into the policies that will ultimately determine how their business will operate.
  • Technology: The pace of technological change is running at an exponentially increasing rate and organization are struggling to keep up.
  • Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving: Many companies are at a disadvantage due to a lack of sophisticated approaches to information acquisition, analysis and the development of unique insight. Companies lack a long-term strategic imperative and are constantly strategy hopping from year to year.

See video below for full speech