The Marketing Master Class which took place on the 13th June 2019, was a great time of learning and brainstorming; there were topics that cut across issues affecting marketing in the 21st Century. The MasterClass which forms part of the ADVAN Marketing Week was held in two centres concurrently.

During his session, Ahmed Adeyanju speaking at the VI Center about Digital Marketing session mentioned that FOMO (fear of missing out) is real and sometimes less real. This is because a lot of metrics has to be carried out before brands can make certain decisions. He explained that in the process of making these decisions, digital marketers need to draw a line between vanity and actionable metrics.

Kola Oni, also at the VI Center, explains effective business communication using Axa Mansard as a case study; he noted that an ideal market must creatively segment its customers. He further explained that business communication is either to increase brand awareness, sales or both and how content creation cannot be underestimated. He represented this with some graphical illustration as it affects his case study. Communication is vital and the key to business growth.

In addition to the key learning goals, Ogiemwanye Elvis Daniel explained the art and science of the Branding Building. A brand as we all know is made up of Science (functional) and Art (emotional). When dealing with Functional Science, is in most cases generic e.g Addidas & Nike make soft comfortable running shoes, but for the emotional Art; Addidas will say “Impossible is nothing”, Nike will say “Just do it”. Furthermore, he explained how data is the driver behind the science and art of brand building, how data formulation forms the brands’ philosophy or approach. This implies that a brand that has growth at heart must not joke with data formulation and analysis.

Patrick Gomes also explained the art of how to tell your story in a way that compels the consumer to choose over your competition. This is where the biggest battle of brand differentiation is either won or lost.  In his analysis, he noted the process of getting a niche and knowing your target audience. He split the audience into qualitative (demographics; age, sex, etc) and quantitative (psychographics; interest, etc).

In conclusion, as a brand that desires to survive in a world of challenging competition, been far away from the market is a total turn off for customers, negative comments either offline or online should be responded to immediately, without any iota of delay.  Having an open-ended relationship is a 21st-century trick that speaks volume about a brand unique selling point (USP).